Patch Notes 4.3.0

Dungeon Difficulty Modes

- All dungeons starting from Wilds to Kalgas Cave now have a Normal mode and a Hard mode.
-- When teleporting to a dungeon, a window will open, asking you to choose the difficulty and the loot distribution type.

- The following changes apply to Normal mode compared to Hard mode:
-- Disabled Boss Pattern Skills
-- Disabled Enrage
-- Disabled Boss Switching (Always attacking the target with the highest HP)
-- 60% reduced drop rate of items
-- Boss damage, HP and stats changed
- The "old" dungeons are now classified as Hard mode
- Hard mode is unchanged in it's difficulty
With the introduction of the difficulties, we hope to alleviate the problems players face when playing on their own or when they are unable to find a guild/dungeon partners to complete specific dungeons. Normal mode has been designed to be completeable by a solo player piloting multiple characters, such as a Tank, Damage dealer and possibly healer. These players will now have an alternative that they can tackle and complete the challenges that the game provides. Dungeon Difficulty Modes was also coded to be expandable, meaning that for the future, we will probably add more modes with different restrictions, rewards and difficulties. One of these modes that is planned is a Nightmare mode. Additionally, together with the added Dungeon Difficulty Modes, we want to introduce Dungeon Bonus Objectives.
Dungeon Bonus Objectives
Dungeons these days are mostly completed by rushing to kill objectives, clearing them and then killing the map boss as quickly as possible. Almost all the time monsters are completely ignored. With Dungeon Bonus Objectives players now can decide, whether or not rushing through a dungeon is the most effective way of playing the game for them. - Upon entering a dungeon, additionally to the usual dungeon objectives displayed on the right side, bonus objectives are shown below
- Each dungeon has 3 bonus objectives, each of which can have 4, 5 or 10 stages.
- To unlock the next Lv. of the bonus objective, a sufficient amount of monsters have to be killed.
- Each dungeon has a drop rate, a damage increase and a durability increase objective.
- In Normal mode, the drop rate objective can stack up to 50% increased drop rate, in Hard mode it can stack up to 20% increased drop rate
- When a Dungeon Bonus Objective has been unlocked, you will receive a buff with the corresponding stage effect
In their design, if you clear a dungeon by going the shortest route and killing all monsters on that route, you will be able to unlock every stage of an bonus objective except for the last one. To unlock the last one, you may have to go into places of the dungeon that you would usually not visit to clear out monsters that remain there untouched.
With this system we want to give players more incentives to actually interact with a dungeon, as well as the things and monsters in there by giving them the option to clear dungeons as time efficiently as possible, or to squeeze every little bit of drop efficiency out of them.
Score NPCs
- Introducing Score NPCs
- Every week the best players of the week will get a statue of their character in Flaris.
- Every point you get in Guild Siege, Memento Siege and Guild Clash will be accumulated and an internal ranking will decide the best 3 players of each game mode.
- Additionally, your character will get the according title for one week.
- Let's see who will be on #1 forever now :cwridicule:
- Due to dungeon rebalancing, the Record Book Dungeon Speedrun records have been cleared.
- Increased the dungeon difficulty of Ankou's Asylum & Kalgas Cave
- Increased the size of Sabwal
- Increased the minimum level requirement from Red Meteonyker from 60 to 120
- Optimized Shop Search, it now should load faster
- Fixed a daily quest being in the wrong quest pool
- Fixed a bug in Guild Clash where the last standing guild would still win. The winner is now based on the guild points correctly.
- Fixed a bug where activating Anarchy buffs from inventory would not count towards achievements
- Fixed a bug with the Craft of Hephaestus minimap showing an old version of the dungeon

Christmas Event 13.12.2021 - 02.01.2022

Christmas Event 13.12.2021 - 02.01.2022

Advent Calendar
1. December - +5% EXP
2. December - +5% Penya
3. December - +3% Drop
4. December - +8% EXP
5. December - +8% Penya
6. December - +5% Drop
7. December - +5% EXP
8. December - +5% Penya
9. December - +3% Drop
10. December - +5% EXP
11. December - +8% Penya
12. December - +5% Drop
13. December - +8% EXP
14. December - +5% Penya
15. December - +3% Drop
16. December - +5% EXP
17. December - +5% Penya
18. December - +5% Drop
19. December - +8% EXP
20. December - +8% Penya
21. December - +5% Drop
22. December - +8% EXP
23. December - +8% Penya
24. December - +15% Drop
25. December - +25% EXP
26. December - +25% Penya

Stay online bonus
For every 12 minutes you stay online you will get rewarded with X-Mas Online Box 2021 Scrap. With 10 of these Scraps. you can get a X-Mas Online Box 2021 at the [Event] Santa in Flaris. 
This box contains pets, fashion and skins!

Server Quests
Since every event is the same, we activated the Server Quests again, granting you Anarchy buffs on completion.

Drunk Penguins invasion
Drunk Penguins invaded Madrigal and need to be stopped. Bring them back home and they'll reward you with some useless things! 

Monster hunting
All monsters over level 60 will now drop Blue Snowflake (2021), that can be used to buy certain new items from [Event] Santa in Flaris.

Dungeon Rewards
Upon completion of any dungeon, you will be rewarded with Christmas Scissors and Blue Snowflake (2021).

Hide and Seek Present Boxes
Christmas Boxes are scattered around Madrigal. You can only open them by using Christmas Scissors.

Christmas World Boss
A polar bear will spawn somewhere in Madrigal and reward you with pets, Angel Bead shards and more!

Christmas Anarchy
A new Anarchy buff has been added for VP during the Event phase.

A new set of 25 achievements were added!


Black Friday Week Sales

Starting now we will have a sale with many exclusive items! The sale will end on Sunday, 28th Nov 23:59 UTC+1. 

The following sales will be active:










To thank everyone supporting the server,  there will be tiered rewards, too. The more CWT you buy, the more rewards you get.

  • Top up 300 CWT and get a Purple Charm Badge
  • Top up 1.500 CWT and choose one of Brudy Mount or Brudy Ice Mount


  • Top up 3.000 CWT and choose one pet of Metal Charizard or Super Blastoise or Toxic Venusaur or Fauna Dragon



  •  Top up 7.400 CWT and choose one wing of Hellbat Wings or Hellsing Wings


All rewards will be sent automatically in the next days.

If you purchased more than 7.500 CWT, you are eligible for another round of rewards.

All item rewards are purely cosmetic and tradeable.




* Exclusive items are exclusive for at least one year.


Patch Notes 4.2.11

Starting now, there are several Black Friday Week sales! 
Click me

- Item betting is now enabled! Have fun gambling.
- Added "Search" and "Move All" to Powerup Bag
- Reduced channels of Cascada, Neo Cascada and Eldeon
- Increased the size of Gold Wings [Season 1]

Daily Quests
We made changes towards the daily quest system which were highly requested by the community.

- Added a second daily quest NPC
-- Ruks will now only give you daily quests that focus all around Madrigal
--- the requirements of the Madrigal quests also got lowered by a lot
-- Maki will now only give you daily quests that focus on Cascada monsters
- Daily quests will now only give 25 tokens upon completion
- Lowered some prices of the shop
- Adjusted the rewards of the Powerup Boxes

Patch Notes 4.2.10

Guild Clash
- Guild Clash point distribution has been changed according to the suggestion we had. 

- Every guild now has GuildPoints
-- Killing another player grants one GuildPoint and one PlayerPoint
-- Killing another statue grants 15 GuildPoints, but no PlayerPoints
-- Every minute your guild will gain three GuildPoints per tower that is alive
-- Winning condition has been changed to the guild with most GuildPoints

Item Betting
- You like /roll? It's now better. 
- You can request an item bet with another player by rightclicking them.
- Both players put their items on stake and will then roll a number between 1-100. 
- Depending on the chosen win condition, the winner will get both items. 
-- You can disable item betting in options

- Re-coded most parts of our drop system to be more versatile and allows us to add more things
-- One change that is immediatelly noticable for you: Giant pets will now have the same chance to drop on every level
- Added Small Buff Display option
- Added Eldeon ATK & EXP perk to the daily quest NPC in Flaris and Eldeon
- Added Discord notifications (✅roles ) for Rainbow Race and Raids
- Added Discord notification for meme siege

- Fixed "Spooky Halloween Glasses" not being transmutable
- Fixed a bug where the max amount of Siege participants would not work correctly

-- Removed the Halloween event 

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