Patch Notes 4.2.1

This week we will release our season end text and the merge date. Just like the last two times, we have read and compiled all feedback and will comment on everything we have not yet commented on. The season end text will contain a lot of information from our side of how we think the season was, what was bad, what could have been better and an outlook, teasers or ideas for what we want to change or keep the same, so keep an eye out for that!

Death Race
- Death Race is a new event mode that can be held by GMs. 
- Your goal is to be the first one to run up the Volcano and talk to the Mysterious NPC. 
- Your level is set to 120 and you do not have any items, except for 15 Remantis Laccotte. 
- Spend them wisely, as you will not be able to succeed without them!
- The reward is set to 5x Game Master Event Token. 
- It is accessible through the Teleporter once the GMs started it!

- Reworked some Server Quests
- Added Reksai mount to Event NPC
- Improved the german translations massively

Siege, Memento & Royal Rumble
- Enabled Royal Rumble on CH5 and CH6
-- For those that want to experience PvP on low ping in their respective regions
- We've added Memento Arena mode to the Arena with the Guild Siege presets. 
-- This will help us and you to balance Memento Sieges better.
-- When you enter the arena, you get offered the same gear as in Guild Siege.
-- You can also decline using a preset and use your own gear.
- All powerups are added automatically to AutoPowerups, when in Memento mode.
- Added skills, items and movement shortcuts to all Royal Rumble and Memento Siege preset applet and task bars
- Reduced the Guild Siege application requirement to 0 penya
- You can now line up level 1 characters for Guild Siege

- Fixed a bug where your character would appear with a wrong level after playing Siege or Royal Rumble.
- Fixed the chat limitation bug after using a saved shout.
- Fixed a bug in the chat window that would cause the cursor to be mispositioned.
- Fixed Raid respawns teleporting you to the wrong stage
- Fixed descriptions of some achievements

Patch Notes 4.2.0

Hi players, we are back with another new update. 
This update includes the new Memento Siege, where you can join the Siege with any character and you will be provided a full set of gear you can play with.
We also have a small summer event where you can farm new fashion, pets, mounts or powerups. All new fashion sets give +20 All Stat, when wearing 4 parts.
Our goal is to bring more players to try out the PVP game modes and have some more fun. 
In the coming week, we will release the "Season End Text" with the end date of the current season.


Summer Event

Experience a wonderful summer with the new Flaris.
All information about the event can be found here: Event

Memento Siege

  • Additionally to the normal Siege with your own equipment, we have added memento sieges where you can choose any class and their available presets
  • This siege can be entered starting level 30 and does not require you to be a specific class you can choose any class you want
  • Memento Siege gives half of the rewards compared to normal Siege
  • Every preset comes with a DMG and a TANK switch pre-done
  • You can choose to further customize those switches with food or add other ones.
  • Memento Sieges are held on the following dates and times:
    • Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday 20:00 CET +2

Royal Rumble

  • With the addition of Memento Siege, we have re-coded a big part of the Royal Rumble base
  • You are now able to choose any class you want instead of being locked to the one of your character
  • You can apply for rumble with a level 60 character
  • Angels are enabled again, but you are given one by the system
  • Every preset comes with a DMG and a TANK switch pre-done
  • You can choose to further customize those switches with food or add other ones.
  • If you feel like we should add more switch options to each class, you can suggest them in #royal-balance-suggestions

Weapon Swing Color

  • Addded new scrolls to the web shop that will change the swing color of your weapon.
  • There are several different colors and we can add new ones, if you like!


  • Added re-connect feature, that allows you to re-enter within a 3 minute time frame
  • Changed AFK timer to 5 minutes
  • Changed AFK detection so it is less likely to kick you out of the run when you are not actually AFK

Vote & Anarchy

  • You are now able to buy some Anarchy buffs for VP
  • Anarchy Donation bank will now proc when 500m were collected
  • GMs will not activate all Anarchy buffs multiple times per day anymore. While we know that they encourage farming, we've seen an increasingly rude attitude towards our GMs when they did not activate buffs. Also, a lot of players did not farm at all, when buffs were not active. We will monitor the situation and make changes accordingly, whenever needed.


  • Changed colors in the awakening window, if using dark golden theme
  • Added Repega Set to Repega drop table
  • Changed the Angel tooltip to be more descriptive
  • Disabled Siege random spawns
  • Additionally to the current Buffpang functionality, it is enough to have an Assist/Ringmaster/Seraph/Force Master nearby when clicking the buffpang to receive that classes buffs (Suggestion #4796)


  • Added an experimental fix for the database. It might cause a database crash in the next days.
  • Fixed a bug where you could apply the same element glow twice
  • Fixed a bug where you sometimes could still receive the "Haste" or "Accuracy" buffs from the buffpang
  • Fixed a bug that caused the ringmaster buffs to have less range than all other buffs
  • Fixed a bug where Blessing of the Goddess awakes would not show correctly
  • Potentially fixed a crash that occured when using Blinkpool
  • Fixed some translations

Summer Event 21.07.2021 - 08.08.2021

Summer Event 21.07.2021 - 08.08.2021

10% EXP, 5% Drop, 5% Penya on weekends


Every monster over level 60 will drop an Icecream Cone. Exchange these at [Event] Summer in Flaris and she will reward you with various items!

Mole plague in Madrigal

Moles have invaded Madrigal and ruining the beautiful scenery of its land. Help us removing those dangerous moles and you will be rewarded with helpful powerups for your future journeys.

Possible items:

  • Strong Sun (Lv. 1): ATK+100, advances to up to Lv. 3
  • Noinoi Grape: +5% EXP
  • Melon Cookie: All Stat +2
  • Soy Bean: All Stat +3


Event Anarchy Buff
A new Anarchy Buff is available for you to buy with Icecream Cones!


Enjoy up to 17 different achievements you can explore and achieve.

Server Quests

We brought back an improved version of the Server Quests, where we removed some difficult-to achieve quests! Enjoy hundreds of different ways to celebrate this event with the community!


Patch Notes 4.1.1

We've made good progress on rewriting the Royal Rumble preset feature to be able to apply it to Siege, too. Tetris is still setting up all presets and my plan to have it ready by end of this week is realistic. It will most likely be patched on next Mondays patch. 



  • Removed vote goals, as GTOP removed that functionatlity completely. We will look into a new system to replace the vote goals, but this will take a bit.
  • Removed the Nightmare Giants from the Daily Quests
  • Added a GM Token NPC to the Event Continent
  • Added warning to "Leave Guild" button in the guild window
  • Added a "time left" indicator on monster debuffs, if they have less than 10 seconds left
  • Attack Speed awakes will not be shown anymore


  • Increased sign up time to 5 minutes again, because some players missed the signup time.
  • Changed AFK check to kick you out of the raid after 3 minutes
  • Changed some hitboxes of monsters
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent you to login after you crashed in raids


  • Increased "Echoes of the Weary" cooldown from 5s to 8s [PVP ONLY]
    • To bring it in line with all other stun/cc skills
  • Removed 10% increased PvP damage from "Special INT Mastery"
    • Arcanist is dealing much more damage with less actual damage gear equipped than wanted. This will reduce both max dmg in dmg gear and overall dmg in tank gear.


  • Fixed some achievements having the wrong title and/or description
  • Fixed a bug that get you stuck in Ragefire Chasm
  • Fixed a bug that caused Yggrasil set effects to not apply their effect correctly
  • Fixed some translations
  • Fixed a bug that would not show your position on the Valley of the Risen map
  • Fixed weapon glow scrolls not being applied correctly for some weapons

Patch Notes 4.1.0

It's finally here, with only two years delay! Castle Raid will open it's gates for the first time this week and we are looking forward to the mess we've created there.
This patch looks relatively small for the time we needed for it, but a lot changed under the hood to make the raid mechanics work like they should. 
We are going to patch more frequent from now on, also with smaller patches when needed, although I hate this - but it is for the better.

What will come next?
- Preset Siege is almost done, we are polishing the current "balance" of the gear and expect a release by end of next week. 
- Dungeon speedruns/leaderboards are also almost done, just missing the rewards to make it worthwhile. Going with the speedruns, I might implement some other changes to dungeons too, that make them more worth again. 
- Going with this, we will rework some of the things we did for S3 that turned out to do more harm than good. 
- Finally, we are in the process of creating a new "PvE Endless Tower Defense"-mode in the next weeks, with leaderboards and shit to show your e-peen :cwridicule:

Castle Raid

  • Castle Raid has been enabled
  • Castle Raid is a game mode where up to 30 randomly selected people that apply for it get put into a raid where they have to clear out all monsters and bosses to get valuable rewards and have a chance at buying even more items in am auction against all other participants.
  • Beware, bosses have their own Mechanics, forcing you to learn each fight and deploy countermeasures.
  • Application to the Raid opens every Tuesday and Saturday 18:00 CET Server Time
  • To apply for the Raid, visit Eldeon Castle connected to Eldeon City, or use the Eldeon Castle teleport option in the Teleporter (V)
  • For more information, read this:
  • A dedicated guide will be posted on the website soon


  • Added 3440x1080 and 3840x1080 resolution
  • Added a 5 CWT Coupon to the game
  • Changed CWT Coupon colors
  • Changed Quick Sell to sell weapons with monstercard slots again
  • Locked items cannot be awakened now
  • Added 3 new ingame emoticons
  • Changed system shout color of worldbosses to a have a green outline
  • Changed mail dropdown to show your friend's names case insensitive
  • Monster names will now be hidden when a monster dies, not when it despawns
  • Added more accurate worldboss notifications
  • Changed boss patterns to be only castable once every 4 seconds
  • Added recommended group DPS to the Teleporter
  • Increased saved shout cooldown to 20 seconds
  • Added Bead of Healing, Precious Bead of Healing and Angelic Bead of Healing to Pet Tamer and Gabriella
  • Removed Daily/Weekly Challenges that required you to collect for a certain amount of time
  • Changed some weapon icons
  • Added new element glow scrolls, that override your existing glow to the Web Shop 


  • Revisited the Colosseum Token NPC
  • Added all FITA cookies for 25 tokens each
  • Lowered the prices of all Angel Upgrade materials by 37.5%
  • Lowered the prices of the elemental stones to 100 tokens
  • Lowered the price of the Purple Funiture Box (7 days) to 1.000 tokens
  • Lowered the prices of all Cloaks to 15k tokens
  • Lowered the prices of all weapon skins to 15k tokens
  • More changes will follow soon 


  • Disabled Tank AI random switching on [Blessed] Deathwing and [Cursed] Deathwing and low level dungeons
    We will monitor how this affects the dungeon gameplay and either re-enable it or adjust other dungeons too


  • Seraph
    • Decreased Merkaba Hanzelrusha cooldown from 2.5 seconds to 2 seconds
    • Increased Merkaba Hanzelrusha time staying on the ground from 5 seconds to 10 seconds
    • These are the nerfs from patch 4.0.0
    • Changed Merkaba Hantelrusha mechanic: Increased cooldown from 2 seconds to 10 seconds in dungeons
    • The specific problem Merkaba had, was that it was insanely broken for the start of a season to do dungeons.
    • Our initial changes also hurt their aoe farming extremely. We reverted those nerfs and made it have a higher cooldown in dungeons to prevent early abuse
    • Replaced 18% DEF with 30% DCT on the Cursed Reine Set
    • For the people wanting to use it for Merkaba AoE
  • Harlequin
    • Increased the chance for Enchant Blood and Enchant Poison to apply a debuff to 100% [PVE ONLY]
    • Enchant Absorb now works on all damage dealt, not just auto attack damage

Element Change

  • Changed the way Element Damage is calculated, again
    • There was an issue that caused auto attacking classes to lose up to 31% of their dmg against Cascada monsters specifically.
    • This has been fixed with this change.

Guild Clash

  • Enemy towers will now remove Dark Illusion from Acrobat classes periodically when being near them

Royal Rumble

  • Added -150% Increased Attack on every tank suit for every class


  • Fixed a bug where mails with only Penya in them would not be collected properly using "Collect & Delete"
  • Fixed a timing issue where Trials buff could be updated twice
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't join Asmodan's Trials after declining the join pop-up
  • Fixed a bug where the element tooltip of monsters would have incorrect positions
  • Fixed a bug where linked items would be shown outside of the screen
  • Fixed a client crash that happened when switching language
  • Fixed a bug that caused Angel Hairband and Devil Hairband (the helmet version) not to be transmutable onto any item
  • Fixed "Cascada" buffs not working correctly sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where Angel Rank stats would get out of sync on other clients
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Blessed/Cursed Deathwing Test Totems to have their resistances switched
  • Fixed a bug that caused monster skills with aoe to fail if you are to far away from a monster
  • Fixed a bug that caused arrow to not connect properly

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