- Added an optional Night Mode (Night & Day Cycle)
- Enabled Asmodan's Trials on CH5 (SEA) and CH6 (NA)
- Enabled Memento Arena presets again (#5197)
- You can hide non-highlighted awakes in the awake window now (#5195)
- Standardized the order of effects on all commonly used sets
- It is now possible to hide the "Unlocked Dungeon" notification
- It is now possible to hide dungeons in the teleporter that you can not join at current level
- Removed the daily challenge "Clear Volcano Dungeon x times" for all chars under 120-M 

Star Weapon Upgrade
- We are introducing a new form of weapon upgrade, which will be applied to Blood-/Titanbane weapons for now.
- Newly created BB/TB weapons will have 0/6 Star upgrades and will be much weaker than the previously created weapons, but you will not need any weapon tokens to create it.
- Star upgrades require certain items to be sacrificed for the weapon to get stronger. 
- In case of BB/TB: You need to sacrifice the weapon tokens and your weapon will get stronger again, until you reached 6/6 star upgrades and unlocked the true potential of your weapon.

- This allows for a more steady progression path, allowing for a smoother weapon creation and upgrading experience that can be chopped up into smaller steps, rather than being forced to farm 6 Weapon Token before having a usable weapon.
- This factually does not change the powerlevel of Blood-/Titanbane Weapons.

Altered Item Versions
- Added "Altered" versions of the Lv. 135 sets. 
-- These sets are damage oriented versions of the 135 sets, that are here to be used as an additional option instead of many classes jumping from a 125 set directly to a blessed/cursed damage set
- Removed "Celestial Edge Exchange" and "Knuckle Exchange" and replaced it with "Alternate Version Exchange" at [Exchange] Reonan
-- As the name suggests, items that have an alternate version can now be exchanged through this option
-- You can use this menu to exchange your Lv. 135 parts for the "Altered" versions
-- Specific exchange restrictions still apply and are outlined in the info box
-- Knuckles: Retain all upgrades, awakes and effects in general
-- Celestial Edge: Retains all upgrades, re-rolls the random stats on the resulting Sky Striker
-- "Altered" Lv. 135 parts: Remove all upgrades, awakes etc. Creates a completely new item 
- Updated Cursed/Blessed Set Part exchange to allow for the use of "Altered" Lv. 135 set parts

New Blessed/Cursed Jewelry acquisition
-- After a review of the way players acquire power, we identified that jewelry is an easy way that requires less upgrading compared to Sets to become an upgrade compared to Soul-Jewelry
- Added "Jewelry Dust Exchange" and "Cursed/Blessed Jewelry Part Exchange" to [Exchange] Reonan
- Added a new crafting requirement for Blessed/Cursed Jewelry
-- Adding a crafting requirement that allows for the re-use of previously used Soul-Jewelry 
-- This allows us to possibly increase the amount of Soul-Jewelry dropped by various places without negatively affecting the marked
-- Additionally this brings jewelry more in line with their set counterparts, that required crafting in their acquisition process
- Replaced all Blessed/Cursed Jewelry Drops at Sky Forest and Snowy Peaks with Blessed/Cursed Jewelry Construction Plans for each class

- Added "Melee/Ranged block rate in PvP areas" to every set level 105+
-- Useful for future seasons to make our block rate changes for the 150 sets backwards compatible
- Adjusted "Hainure Set" Set Effect: Removed +300 ATK to Bow attacks
- Adjusted "Deadeye's Hainure Set" Set Effect: Removed +200 ATK to Bow attacks
- Adjusted "Deadeye's Hainure Set" Set Effect: Removed +255 ATK to Bow attacks
- Adjusted all Blessed and Cursed Sets and Jewelry Sets: Added a minimum level requirement of Angel Rank 25

- Increased the EXP you obtain in Easy Mode by 27% and in Legendary Mode by 35%
- Completely reworked the Legendary Colosseum Box (#5171)
- Removed Purple Furniture Box (7 Days) from [Colosseum] Willy
- Added Lord Set and Frog Set 2015 to [Colosseum] Willy

Guild Siege
- Added Powerup Box (Siege) to [Siege Medals Shop] Suray for 750 Siege Medals
-- This box contains the majority of powerups for one siege 
- Added Lovely Briquette in the [Siege Medals Shop] Suray for 400 Siege Medals

Guild Clash
- Lowered the bidding time for Guild Clash from 10 minutes to 5 minutes

- Bosses can't debuff players anymore in every Easy Mode dungeon (#5200)
- Lowered the range of all monsters in Les Britannia S and La Christiana A (#5202)

- Fixed a bug that contained old event specific items to be collected in the Server Quests
- Fixed a bug in Ragefire Chasm
- Fixed a bug with "Quick Login" saving wrong passwords