Season 5 Merge

Hi, Season 5 has been merged with the Clockworks Server. Enjoy playing!

Season 5 Release Date

Hello @everyone!

Season 5 Announcement!
Starting May 12th, we will be releasing new information about the upcoming Season every day. This will include changes to current systems, a season manifesto, new features coming with the Season 5 launch patch, a compilation of all the changes added after the end of Season 4 and the full patch notes leading up to the release of Season 5.

Season 5 will be released on 19 May 2023 18:00.

The first post on May 12th will be a Season FAQ with questions you can post in the ⁠s5-ask-us-anything channel that you can come up with.

P.S: We will remind everyone 10 days before Season 5 releases again, but just so everyone knows if you intend to play and have not been voting, we are not resetting the vote buff on Season 5 start. This means, if you want the full vote buff, start getting your vote streak early! 

All CWT purchases now count towards Season CWT. 

Season 5

We have internally determined a launch date for Season 5.

The date will be revealed once we are 100% sure we will be done with all the additions and changes we want to make, but it will happen before summer.

It is likely that there will be no major patch before release.

It is unlikely that we will announce next Season start one month in advance such as last times, but the daily reveals leading up to Season 5 will come back (in a shortened form).


Not much longer!

Season 4 Merged

Season 4 is now merged with the Clockworks server! 

We already started the planning phase for Season 5, stay tuned.

Enjoy playing! 🙂

Patch Notes 5.0.10

Hey! I am sorry for the last weeks full of client crashes. It took me over one week to figure out the cause of the crashes, but it is finally fixed. 
As an apology, I've enabled Server Quests until Sunday, 2 October 2022 23:59!

- Personal Furniture can be stacked up to 28 days now 
- Common Bank can be stacked up to 365 days now 
- Enhanced Party Skill Range can be stacked up to 365 days and cost 25.000.000 penya now 
- Scroll of Party EXP can be stacked up to 90 days and cost 25.000.000 penya now 
- Scroll of Party Skill can be stacked up to 90 days and cost 25.000.000 penya now 
- Increases the waiting time of several world bosses until they respawn, but increased their drop rate accordingly
-- [General] Razgul, Basilisk of the Great Maw, Chief Keokuk, Iblis' Perpetrator and Guan Yu Heavyblade will now spawn less
- Reduced Asmodan's Trials lineup size to 8 players 
- Added an announcement 30 minutes before Hunter Games starts
- Hunter Games will now use a bigger map
- Starving Shot debuff will now be removed when completing a stage in Endless Tower
- Switched out Chiton with Entaness in Endless Tower to be able to unlock the Entaness achievement at Lv. 150 
- You can now mount up while running around, no need to stop walking
- You can now mount up while jumping
- Removed all PvP related daily challenges 
- When you use the Heal skill and your target is a monster, you will heal yourself now
- Added healing numbers for the target you are healing
- Added possibility to add a hotkey to the Quick Party window 
- Quick Party window will not be closed when pressing the party hotkey, when it is locked
- Added the channel Royal Rumble was played on to the announcement. -- Ex: Cast420 won in Royal Rumble with 1000 points! [Ch: 5]
- Added filter option to titles
- Added filter option to badges
- Added filter option to messenger window for friend and guild list
- Added option to hide pet names
- Added option to hide stat pet names
- Added "last seen" info in guild tab in messenger window
- Added a giant filter for the mini map
- Disabled all Pet Tamer quests , because they are practically useless 
- Removed profanity chat filter
- You can now get the Penya out of a mail by right-clicking the Gold icon
- Vendor sales will not send separate mails for Perin and Penya anymore 
- Enabled dragging the shortcut in the teleporter too
- Disabled Blink Pool in PK areas

- Fixed a bug where you would not be able to put shortcuts on the taskbar
- Fixed a bug where you would be able to re-fill a Glyph before it was equipped once
- Fixed a bug where deleting mails would break the scrollbar in the mail window 
- Fixed a few bugs in the messenger window
- Fixed a bug where the Chiton inside of Colosseum wouldn't count towards the Chiton achievement 
- Fixed a bug where you would not gain any EXP visually when leveling solo
- Fixed a bug where you wouldn't be able to fly over the fences in Sunfall City
- Fixed a bug where the server calendar would show the wrong rift difficulty
- Fixed a bug where Monstrous Dlakav wouldn't count towards the Cascada Daily Quests
- Fixed a bug where Hunter Games wouldn't start on Saturday 

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