Patch Notes 4.2.10

Guild Clash
- Guild Clash point distribution has been changed according to the suggestion we had. 

- Every guild now has GuildPoints
-- Killing another player grants one GuildPoint and one PlayerPoint
-- Killing another statue grants 15 GuildPoints, but no PlayerPoints
-- Every minute your guild will gain three GuildPoints per tower that is alive
-- Winning condition has been changed to the guild with most GuildPoints

Item Betting
- You like /roll? It's now better. 
- You can request an item bet with another player by rightclicking them.
- Both players put their items on stake and will then roll a number between 1-100. 
- Depending on the chosen win condition, the winner will get both items. 
-- You can disable item betting in options

- Re-coded most parts of our drop system to be more versatile and allows us to add more things
-- One change that is immediatelly noticable for you: Giant pets will now have the same chance to drop on every level
- Added Small Buff Display option
- Added Eldeon ATK & EXP perk to the daily quest NPC in Flaris and Eldeon
- Added Discord notifications (✅roles ) for Rainbow Race and Raids
- Added Discord notification for meme siege

- Fixed "Spooky Halloween Glasses" not being transmutable
- Fixed a bug where the max amount of Siege participants would not work correctly

-- Removed the Halloween event 

Patch Notes 4.2.9

- Increased the overall difficulty of Colosseum
-- Send your feedback to @Jugachi 
- Revisited the colosseum shop 

- Changed the attack patterns of event dungeons monsters from range to melee attacks
- Lowered the difficulty of the event dungeon
- Removed one time use of weapon skins
- Fixed the server quests requirement for the event item
- Fixed a bug that caused event dungeon monsters to respawn
- Fixed a bug that caused you to respawn inside of the event dungeon
- Fixed descriptions of the server quests 

- Added more Halloween items for event items and CWT 👀

- Added Rosposa spawns in the water area near the Battos in Cascada and Neo Cascada
- Reworked the spawn rates in Kaillun Grassland
- Enabled 3 char long character names
- Improved client startup speed when login world preview is disabled
- Fixed a bug where animated hats would have bugged hair
- Fixed a bug where animated fashion like wings would not be shown in character select screen
- Fixed some fashion items bugging the character name position
- Fixed a memory leak when using animated fashion
- Fixed some wing sizes 

Patch Notes

- Increased the drop chance of Zombie Skulls to 100% from the event World bosses
- Added the possibility that the event dungeon end boss drops Zombie Skulls
- Lowered the wait time after a raid is completed from 2 minutes to 1 minute

Patch Notes 4.2.8

Halloween Event 26.10 - 14.11
EXP+10%, Item Drop Rate+5%, Penya+5%

Every monster that is level 60+ will drop a Bloody Eyeball, this eyeball can be exchanged at [Halloween Event] Ludmilla in North Flaris for various items!

Attack on Saint Morning
Saint Morning is under attack and you need to protect the city from the invaders! Don’t be scared to ask others for help! I heard the monsters are weaker than Monstrous Cascada monsters but grant more rewards! You have the chance to receive special Halloween skins by defeating the leader of the invaders!

Boomer and Bloody Mary are attacking Madrigal
Madrigal got invaded by two world bosses that need to be defeated by all the heroes of Madrigal upon defeating them every hero will get rewarded with a server buff. [Halloween Event] Ludmilla need their skulls for further research, that she can create a medicine against them! She will reward you with various useful items!

Enjoy up to 15 different achievements you can explore and achieve.

Server Quests
We brought back an improved version of the Server Quests, where we removed some difficult to achieve quests! Enjoy hundreds of different ways to celebrate this event with the community!


Rainbow Race
- Reduced the waiting time from 1h 20 mins to 10 mins
-- Application phase is now 5 minutes and the race begins 5 minutes after the application phase ends
- Changed the starting time of Saturdays race from 7 am to 8 am (Server Time)
- Reduced the duration of the race from 120 minutes to 90 minutes 

- Sets from +11 up to +20 will now give up to 5% PvE DMG
-- This will give everyone an incentive to upgrade their dmg equipment
- Added an informational window for new players 
- Added the ability to resize wings. If you want your wings to be bigger/smaller, let us know in 📕suggestions
- Fixed a bug where Cascada Giants/Rangda would not spawn correctly
- Fixed a bug that caused Shadow Wings to have a bugged texture on medium and high shadow detail settings
- Fixed a bug causing Title tracker to show wrong titles when using the search function
- Fixed some item names and descriptions being wrong

Patch Notes 4.2.7

- Extended event by one week
- Enabled Dekanes Mine and Temple of Iviless
- Added a new notification when you level up and new dungeons get accessible
- Lowered the chance for Anarchy buffs to appear when killing Zombies
- Removed the soul-bind of all items below level 120 that received a soul-bind in season 3

- Fixed the Event NPC having the wrong items
- Fixed a bug that caused you to respawn inside of the event dungeon
- Fixed various icons
- Fixed Memento Arcanist boots having wrong awake
- Fixed a bug where pets could not be awakened if another pet is summoned
- Fixed a bug that caused the event boss to respawn it's minions

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