Patch Notes 5.0.0

- Added Giant Trangfoma Kill Achievement
- Added 23 new achievements 
- Increased the minimum amount of Angelic Bead Shards you can drop from World bosses from 1 to 2
- Red monsters will now wait 1 second after spawning before attacking anyone
- Added Yggdrasil Mask
- Added an exchange for the Yggdrasil Masks to [Exchange] Reonan
- Reduced the Level for the Altered Kalgas Sets from 135 to 130
- Increased the movement speed of all Bahara Desert monsters
- Added the recommended HP and DPS requirement for easy and hard mode inside the dungeon creation window & teleporter.
- Active powerups will now show a green border in your inventory when active
- Reduced the loading time of most maps
- Added an option to disable Auto Powerups when teleporting out of a dungeon/pvp zone
- Decreased the time a dead monster is on the ground to one second
- Dead monsters will not be shown on the minimap anymore
- Added more filter options to Bead Shop search
- Reduced the price of all motions to 30CWT
- Added 13 new Sphere Grid Achievements 
Eldeon - Sunfall Island
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Sunfall Island - Eldeon Quests
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Hunter Games
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Dark Trails
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Endless Tower
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Sphere Grid
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Map and Class specific buffs
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Expanded Hall of Fame
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Legend Score
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Pang Store
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- Added a new Ringmaster Skill : Tenebris Artes
-- This is a ranged 1 on 1 option. The damage of Tenebris Artes scales based on intelligence.
- Inceased Heal Rain radius from 8 to 12
- Reduced HP gain by 5.5%

Force Master
- Reduced Bgvur Tialbold aoe radius from 8 to 7

- Capped the crit to icd conversion of Crackshooter in PvE areas at 380% crit rate.
- Reduced the range increasing effect of Spirit of the Hawk from 15% to 5%
- Reduced the range increasing effect of Eye of the Hawk from 15% to 5%

- Increased Mastercraft Viceroy Attack power by 2%
- Increased Ancient Yo-Yo Attack power by 3%
- Increased base attack power gain by 3.2% in PvE areas

- Reduced DCT on Teba set by 2% 

- Cursed Mind effect now only increases the damage by the caster instead of every Arcanist
- Cursed Mind is now visible only by the caster
-- This is to avoid confusion in a group which Arcanist procced the debuff and which didn't
- Reduced Eva Storm aoe radius from 8 to 7
- Reduced Burningfield casting distance from 15 to 10 meters
- Reduced Burningfield int scaling from 80 to 73
- Reduced Earthquake casting distance from 15 to 10 meters
- Reduced Earthquake int scaling from 80 to 73
- Reduced Windfield casting distance from 15 to 10 meters
- Reduced Windfield int scaling from 80 to 73
- Reduced Electric Shock casting distance from 15 to 10 meters
- Reduced Electric Shock int scaling from 80 to 73
- Reduced Poison Cloud casting distance from 15 to 10 meters
- Reduced Poison Cloud int scaling from 80 to 73
- Reduced DCT on Myuran set by 5%
- Reduced DCT on Elder set by 5%
- Reduced DCT on Shurian set by 5%
- Reduced DCT on Nanemvis set by 7%

- Reduced Psychic Square casting distance from 15 to 10 meters 
- Reduced DCT on Genuin set by 5%
- Reduced DCT on Mekaron set by 5%
- Reduced DCT on Twilight set by 7%

- Added an effect to Dead Man's Lure
-- When used, all monsters attacking your party members will instead switch to attack you (aggro steal)
- Dead Man's Lure now has a 7 seconds cooldown
- Increased Maelstrom Strike aoe radius from 4 to 8
- Increased Power Stomp aoe radius from 4 to 8
- Increased Earth Splitter aoe radius from 6 to 8
- Increased base attack power with gain swords by 3.2%
- Increased base attack power with gain axes by 2.8%

- Increased Cross of Blood aoe radius from 4 to 8
- Reduced base increased critical damage on Vampire 1H Axe by 5
- Reduced base increased critical damage on Lusaka's Crystal Axe by 5
- Reduced base increased critical damage on Ancient 1H Axe by 6, reduced base critical chance by 4

- Fixed a bug where Sharp Canine Badge would show the wrong icon
- Fixed a bug where the Lv. 107 Blue Set Hanisbo Suit (M) wouldn't drop
- Fixed some Item/Monster names and descriptions
- Fixed a bug where some giants could drop 2% cards
- Fixed a bug where Banana Jujubar and Pineapple Cone wouldn't drop past a certain date
- Fixed a bug where stats gained from Stat Dices would get out of sync with other players
- Fixed a bug where moving items to inventory chest/powerup bag would not work correctly
- Fixed a bug where NPC statues would not show the correct weapon glow
- Possibly fixed a rare bug that could cause a disconnect after sorting your inventory
- Fixed a bug where some tooltips would not show a linebreak correctly
- Fixed the map not working in some dungeons
- Fixed a bug where some minimap filter options would be switched
- Fixed a bug where mouses with high polling rates would cause fps lags
- Fixed a bug where you could get physically stuck in a Raid
- Fixed a bug where character creation window would get unresponsive under certain conditions
- Fixed a bug where drag&dropping items would not work correctly
- Fixed a bug where the client would switch bars/use shortcuts when setting up a shop
- Fixed a bug where the pet window size would be bugged
- Fixed a bug where rift and guild timers would overlap
- Fixed a bug where Blade weapons would be switched after leaving memento areas
- Fixed a client crash when sending mails through shops
- Fixed a client crash after teleporting while having the Bag open
- Fixed a client crash in the betting window

Patch Notes 4.5.1

- Adjusted the crafting prices of glyphs
- Added Elemental Omnistone Cube exchange to Reonan
- Added possibility to transmute stat pets in transmutation window
- Added more possible spawn locations for rifts
- Removed the name of the rifts from the system notification
- Autopowerups will now stop when leaving dungeons or pvp areas
- Added the chance to drop Fruit Punch from all monster between Level 131 and 149
- Lowered the respawn time of Nightmare Giants in Cascada
- The guild window will now recognize Discord links in the guild notice and show a button to directly join the server
- Stat and buff pet window will now remember the last position it was closed on Seems like it's buggy
- Added Banishing Stone to quick sell
- Added an option to show item drops on the minimap
- Every Kalgas has now a higher chance to get through your Range Block by 25%
- Added an option to center your task bar (only usable when using a width higher than 1600px)
- Added 🇰🇿 cloak for the boys to [Fashion] Jenny
- Pinned achievements will not reset when using quick relog

- Removed the possibility to drop Guardian, Historic, Angel and Legendary Golden weapons from normal monsters.
- Lowered the drop rate of all set parts from Lv. 75 to Lv. 105
- Lowered the drop rate of His-, A- and LG weapons from giants
- Increased the drop rate of His-, A- and LG weapons inside of the new low level dungeons
- Increased the drop rate of all set parts from Lv. 75 to Lv. 105 inside of the new low level dungeons
- Increase the respawn time of Madrigal giants slightly

- Lowered the monster density in Rartesia, Dark Rartesia, Tower B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 and all of Madrigal
-- Practically reverting the season 3 spawn rates
- Increased the spawn times from monsters in Darkon 3 slightly
- Removed the monsters in the beginning of death race
- Increased the amount of monsters in death race
- Added a path of Mothbees from Flaris to SM to make it easier to farm them 
- Added Raid specific Remantis Laccotte
-- Every raid participant will get 300 free Raid Remantis Laccotte, you can find these in your inventory. After a Raid these Remantis will be removed from your inventory again

- Fixed a bug that allowed magic skills with an innate element (such as all elementor skills) to gain a flat 10% dmg if the weapon used had the same element applied to it, regardless of level
-- With this fix, to gain the full 10% increased damage, a weapon element has to be upgraded to +20 (SPECIFICALLY FOR MAGIC SKILLS, AUTO ATTACKS AND SUCH ARE UNCHANGED)
-- Every element will now increase the skill damage with a matching element by 0.5% per upgrade level

- Fixed Lv. 5/6 STR/STA/DEX Glyphs having 10 more stats than intended
- Fixed a client crash in the new transmutation window
- Fixed the client web shop not loading correctly
- Fixed a pop up message in the new autopowerups window
- Fixed a bug that showed the wrong difficulty of a rift in the Server Calendar
- Fixed a bug where it would not be possible to open party & guild rifts on all channels
- Fixed a spot you could get stuck at in Kalgas
- Fixed a bug where Easy Red Meteonyker would not use all of it's attacks
- Fixed a bug that had the wrong rift boss pet in the auction
- Fixed a bug that Nightmare Rift monsters wouldn't count towards the kill achievement
- Fixed a bug that caused the powerup row to be larger than intended
- Fixed a bug that caused glyph refill to not work properly when it was expired
- Fixed a bug that caused achievements related to the auto-powerup feature to not work anymore
- Fixed a bug where premium bonuses would work in preset areas
- Fixed a bug that Nightmare Majmun couldn't spawn
- Fixed a visual bug where party skills would show up with 24d duration
- Fixed a bug where it would not be possible to send mails without items when having premium active
- Fixed a bug where Anathema would use a broken idle animation 

Season 4 Launch Date

Season 4 Announcement!

Starting July 15th, we will start releasing new information about the upcoming Season every day. This will include changes to current systems, a season manifesto, new features coming with the Season 4 launch patch, a compilation of all the changes added after the end of Season 3 and the full patch notes leading up to the release of Season 4.

Season 4 will be released on 29 July 2022 18:00.

The first post on July 15th will be a Season FAQ with questions you can post in the s4-ask-us-anything channel that you can come up with.

P.S: We will remind everyone 10 days before Season 4 releases again, but just so everyone knows if you intend to play and have not been voting, we are not resetting the vote buff on Season 4 start. This means, if you want the full vote buff, start getting your vote streak early! 

P.S.S: @Jugachi and @Nikko will be hosting an FAQ Stream on the 28 July 2022 20:00 for any questions that you might still have!

Patch Notes 4.5.0

Big patch :cwpog:

Probably the last big one before S4 launch. 


Orb Rework - Glyphs
- Glyphs are the reworked version of Angelic Orbs. While Angelic Orbs allowed for more character customization and power, glyphs add onto that powerphantasy with increased variety of effects, upgrading and increased rarity!
- Full guide

Server Rifts
- Rifts have started appearing all over madrigal. Monsters that carry otherworldly materials and riches can be found there for the adventurers that have the valor to challenge those beings up to 3 times per day. Rifts come in three difficulty modes, namely normal, strange and unusual. Higher difficulties give mode drops and have a chance to give better materials.
- Full guide

Bead Shop
- You can access the new Bead Shop through your pet's status window
- All common beads can be purchased with two clicks everywhere
- You can filter the beads by name or stat

- Additionally, you can create your own presets of up to 9 different beads
- The beads will either be placed directly in your pet or in your inventory

Automatic Powerups V2
- Reworked the old Automatic Powerups feature
- You can now save multiple presets and start them independently
- All your characters share your saved presets
- Every preset has a shortcut you can drag&drop to your taskbar

Low level dungeons
- Added 3 new low level dungeons, they are accessible through the teleporter
-- Mars Mine (Level: 70-120)
--- In this dungeon you can easily farm Historic weapons and Lv. 75 sets
-- Temple of Ivillines (Level: 85-120)
--- In this dungeon you can easily farm Angel weapons and Lv. 90 sets.
-- Dekane Mine (Level: 100-120)
--- In this dungeon you can easily farm Legendary Golden weapons and Lv. 105 sets.

- Added a new Scroll of Premium (28d) pet bundle
- Premium users can now send up to 8 items in a single mail
- Added an item tooltip when hovering items in your postbox 
- Lowered the required amount of the achievement Icecream Cake Addict from 200k to 20k
- Added Mistletoe Sets to Fashion Transy
- Removed the 500 Penya cost for sending mails 
- Increased the drop rate of Colosseum pets and Nightmare Cascada pets
- Increased the damage you can deal towards a World boss 
- Removed basic jewelry (Gore-, Mental-, Peision Necklace, Demol-, Plug Earring, Vigor-, Stam-, Arek and Intelli Ring) from the drop table.
-- You can now buy them at [Jewel & Dice Manager] Peach for 1 million Penya
-- You can now remove those items from your blacklist 🙂 

- Added your current and the server time below your mini map
-- You can disable it when clicking on the small filter arrow

- Added more functionality to the "Escape" motion
-- Additionally to its current ability to teleport you to the nearest town, the motion can be used in instances to teleport to the revival point in that instance. 
-- The intended use for this, is to use this in emergency cases in a dungeon or in raid, if you manage to get stuck on terrain.

- Transmutation update: You can now add pets to your transmutation list. This will save the skin on your character and you can use it multiple times on your pets. When activating a pet skin, the pet will be removed. When skinning a pet with a skin, it will get soul-linked.
- Reworked the transmutation window
-- Added tabs for weapons, armor and pets
-- Added a search bar that allows you to filter certain skins

- Added 109 new achievements
-- 8 Adventure achievements
-- 16 Raid achievements
-- 36 Rift achievements
-- 20 Clash achievements
-- 10 Dungeon achievements
-- 19 Pet Hunter achievements

- Fixed farm counter not tracking items correctly when you are in a party
- Fixed a bug with the achievement Dragon Hunt, which didn't include the easy difficulty of the dungeon 
- Fixed some features not working correctly if windows scaling was set to over 100%
- Fixed weekly challenges to be messed up under certain circumstances
- Fixed the texture of the tree roots in the Valley of the Risen 
- Fixed a bug where some pets could not be send via mails
- Fixed a bug where pang's offer would disappear if you are in another time zone than the server
- Fixed a bug that prevented players from reviving in the Red Meteonyker/Wilds dungeon 

Server stability
We upgraded all of our servers to 64 bit to ensure stable servers once Season 4 launches. In our testing phase we did not encounter any problems anymore, but that does not mean there aren't any. We will closely monitor the servers and there might be issues, so beware. 

Patch 4.4.3

- Merged some options in the petfilter to give us more space for future items/filters
- Added a new event achievement
- Added a checkbox to the F-Tool which let's you choose if you want to disable the F-Tool when minimizing the client or not

- Fixed a bug where adding items to petfilter white/blacklist would switch the list
- Fixed a bug where an incorrect amount of awake lines would be given on certain items. Those awakes are automatically removed 
- Fixed a bug in the event dungeon, where you would get stuck
- Fixed some skill tooltips showing wrong data
- Fixed the client performance dropping when hovering quickly over items 

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