Patch Notes 5.0.5

Sunfall Island
- Reworked the density and respawn timings of all monsters
- Reduced magic defense of all monsters
- Adjusted the Drop, Penya and EXP rate of all monsters
- Adjusted the HP breakpoints for almost all monsters
- Made it more likely for monsters to block ranged attacks
-- As Crackshooters would have been able to abuse the newest changes to dramatically, this was the "fairest" way we determined to balance out their superiority through range and damage breakpoints 

- Changed Flame Geyser bleed duration from 25 seconds to 6 seconds
- Decreased the likelyhood of Cimetiere's Scream dot ticking fewer times than intended

Craft of Hephaestus
- Added a range attack to monsters
- Added melee and range block penetration to monsters and mid bosses
- Increased the drop rate to this seasons planned maximum
- Increased the difficulty of the fight against [Primal Creator] Hephaestus
-- Added Melee and Range block penetration
-- Spawned minions deal more damage 
-- Spawned patterns deal more damage 
-- Lowered the enrage time from 10 minutes to 7.5 minutes

Castle Raid
- Set the minimum Angel Rank to join Castle Raid to 50
- Increased the amount of Raid Remantis Laccotte to 500 per match per player
- Tweaked AFK detection a bit to sort out more 'abusers'. It is still a banable offense to grief Raids on purpose
- In the near future we want to make changes going in to the direction of suggestion #5641 

Advanced Options
- Reworked the advanced options window
-- Added new option "Hide Weapons on Mounts"
-- Added new option "Close Chat with ESC"
-- Added new option "Hide weapon glow in inventory"
-- Added new option "Show heal values"
-- Added new option "Disable Combat Stance"
-- Added new option "Hide all players". Default hotkey is CTRL + -
--- It will hide all other players, just like "Hide all players & SFX", but will keep the SFX enabled
-- Added new option "Hide Dungeon Objectives"
-- Added a new option to use colored Action Slot shortcuts 

- Moving items from your bag with rightclick and shift will keep one item in the bag
- Added hotkeys for Sphere Grid and Instant Bead Shop to options
- Renamed channels of ticketed areas to "Layers"
- Aahan spawns on all servers channels now, but only on Eldeon Layer 1
- Re-coded a lot of the Inventory window code, fixing numerous bugs
- Re-coded a lot of the "Item Link" feature
-- Switching chat channels will not remove item links in the chat
-- Item Link will now check for the actual item and not the link if the item was changed/deleted/etc.
-- You can now use the $ symbol in chat again lol
- Added "Gift of Divine" Anarchy buff to be purchasable with VP
- Added a summarized stats window to the Sphere Grid window
- Added a teleport point to [Area] Eldeon - Sunfall City for all you lazy people who can't enjoy a tiny bit of lore 
- Marking items in shop search will now remove focus from any text fields
- Added a description where you can obtain Scroll of Reversion, Scroll of Pet Blessing (Pick-Up Pets) and Scroll of Pet Reversion (Raised Pets)
- Added a border around the walkable path in Mysterious Garden for the bigmap (M)
- Changed the Royal Rumble and Memento Siege Seraph stick preset for the Bloodbane Stick from ICD to INT
- Added the boss element of each dungeon to the teleporter
- Added the possibility to add friends from the guild list

- I followed clear instructions and added a "Quick Taskbar". It is useable with Alt+number keys. You can disable it in options. 

- Fixed a bug where Wangrim on Sunfall Island would snare you
- Fixed a bug where element tooltip would not show correctly on certain monsters
- Fixed a bug where Quick Pet Mistake selection would reset after clicking the window
- Fixed Pet Glow (White) being black
- Fixed a bug where Glyphs did not apply stats if you did not reach Angel Rank yet
- Fixed a bug where one Sphere could not be unlocked
- Fixed a client crash that occurred when manually upgrading items
- Fixed some no-walk zones missing in Ankou's Asylum, that caused monsters to spawn inside walls
- Fixed a bug where item reward from Raid or Rifts would not count to achievements
- Fixed a bug where F-Tool would freeze the client if you opened the post box
- Fixed a bug where items would not show the tooltip correctly in the mailbox
- Fixed a bug where CC'd targets would not get any damage in PVP
- Fixed a bug where your attack would be cancelled if your target jumped
- Fixed client freezes when selling a lot of items via quick sell
- Fixed a bug where dungeon completion logs would not be saved correctly. This means that the statistics for were affected and you have to re-do your runs
- Group with the highest Endless Tower Stage clear (ordered by time)
- Group with the fastest Dark Trails clear time at the end of the Season
- Fixed a bug where follow patterns would not work at all  :Sadge:  I broke them over a year ago :Sadge:  They back now :Sadge:

- Fixed re-connect not working in Raids. You will loose the free Remantis though 

- Fixed the random speed bug 
- Fixed the M map not showing monster names anymore
- Fixed items in bags not showing tooltips
- Fixed re-roll window showing wrong values for atk
- Fixed item bugs that caused bank/shops/etc to not work correctly
- Fixed a bug where window positions would not be saved correctly
- Some other minor fixes

- Removed Blockrate in Sunfall for every class, except Crackshooter

Patch Notes 5.0.4

Guild Siege
- Since we can all now agree on that reducing Memento Siege did not bring new players in Siege, we are re-enabling it on the previous days again 

In an effort to make Siege more attractive to a wider array of players, we have made the following changes:
1. Reduce amount of Siege Medals gained by players from 700 base + 100 per kill (up to 800) to 500 base + 100 per kill (up to 500 total for kills)
2. Reduce amount of Siege Medals gained by guilds from up to (1500, 1250, 1000, 750, 500) to up to (1000, 800, 600, 400, 200) based on ranking
3. Give every participant 1x [Chance] Box of Fashion (1.5k Siege Medal value)
4. Give every participant who has killed at least 5 players 1x [Chance] Box of Bones (1.5k Siege Medal value)
5. Introduce a "Guild War Participant" and "Guild War Winner" buffs. Give participants 4x Itemized Buffs each
-- Guild War Participant - Itemized Buff - 2% EXP Rate, 2% Drop Rate, 2% Penya Rate
-- Guild War Winner - Itemized Buff - 3% EXP Rate, 3% Drop Rate, 3% Penya Rate
-- Buffs cannot be combined, only one buff can be active at a time
Players now receive fewer Siege Medals, but receive the compensatory Chance Boxes that most Siege Medal purchases were used for anyway.
The reduction of Medals gained is to offset the cost of the new participation and kill boxes.

- Doubled the range in which attacks can connect in PVP
- Fixed a bug where hits, especially in PVP, would not connect if the target jumped

Memento Siege
1. Change amount of Siege Medals gained to 500 + 100 per kill (up to 500)
2. Do not give an Itemized buff or Chance Boxes

Craft of Hephaestus
- Reduced the damage Hephaestus takes by 50%
- Reduced the HP Hephaestus has by 50%
- Fixed a bug that caused Hephaestus Enrage to not make him gain the proper amount of HP due to limitations
- Increased the max. amount of HP gained in enrage from 50% to 100%
- Increased the max. amount of ATK gained in enrage from 200% to 300% 

- Reduced the duration of the Cimetiere's Scream debuff from 11 seconds to 5 seconds
- Changed Echoes of the Weary from a snare to a stun

Eldeon - Sunfall Island
- Changed the HP, EXP, Penya and Drop values of 10 monsters in Sunfall Island
-- One of the oversights we made when introducing this island was that it was only balanced for 1v1 farming at the very end game
-- To adress this, we have added 10 different HP tiers/break points to monsters, the lowest starting at 210k HP, with the highest going up to 3.2m
-- That way players can choose the most efficient monsters for them to kill that allow them to reach 1/2/3/x hit breakpoints
- Made all monsters on Sunfall Island completely aoe Immune 

Resurrection Fatigue
- Each time a player dies in a dungeon, that player receives a debuff that lasts 90 seconds
- This debuff, similar to dungeon objectives, is stackable
- Once the debuff reaches its highest tier, level 3, that player cannot be resurrected for 90 seconds by using the Assist Resurrection spell
- While the debuff is applied to a player, that player cannot be teleported by players using any means (couple teleport, Friendship)
-- This change is specifically made to combat the overpowered/degenerate strategy of simply death tanking any boss through sheer amount of bodies instead of fulfilling the minimum gear requirements 

- Royal Rumble winner shout will only be shown to participants now
- Server Calendar will now save the local time conversion check upon re-opening
- Chat history will now be recorded in Guild Siege when you re-open the chat 

- Fixed a bug where Item Transy (B) would not work properly on Lv. 130 sets
- Fixed a bug where your target would not be reset after killing a player in Royal Rumble
- Fixed a bug where the Discord button in the guild window would not work for guild members
- Fixed a bug where the monsters in Endless Tower Stage 16 wouldn't deal any dmg
- Fixed a bug where Hunter Games would start at the wrong days
- Fixed a bug where you could not rejoin Endless Tower or Colosseum
-- Reminder: You can only rejoin if you crashed, while not being dead, and between stages
- Fixed a bug where Sphere Grid would be unlocked in Colosseum 

- Adjusted the Brar penya drop rate to reflect the gear requirement to kill them efficiently more adequately
- Fixed an issue that made it impossible to join a dungeon in certain circumstances 

Patch Notes 5.0.3

First of all, we want to thank you all for this really successful launch! Thanks for playing our game and thanks for having fun. It really means much to us so see so many people enjoy themselves. 
Although we did not have any crashes or stability issues, there are some things that need to be addressed. 

With the introduction of Map Buffs, we wanted to balance out farming speeds. While it has helped some classes, it didn't do as much for 1v1 classes as we hoped for. This is why we will tweak the buffs according to your feedback, keep it coming!

Siege is another topic that needs to be addressed. We knew with the release of Memento Siege, it will kill off the normal Siege because Memento is more accessible and you do not have to invest in any gear. It's a good thing to get as many players in Siege as possible. That also means that there's not enough incentive to play the normal Sieges anymore. We've reduced the amount of Memento Sieges to 1 per week - even though we think it will not help the normal Siege to be more populated, rather kill it off even more. Let us know about how this change plays out.
Droprates - Every season there's this huge gap between players, who run all dungeons daily and progress fast vs. players who barely can run any dungeons. Rewarding these 'casual' players enough without letting the market be flooded with items from 'hardcore' players is a hard task. We will re-iterate drop rates once more and adjust accordingly. 

Additionally, there was a bug in the code with the calculation of drop rates in easy mode dungeons. They were way higher than intended. 
We've fixed this bug and the drop rates are back to the intended state. We know it might seem unfair for everyone who was not able to run these dungeons in the first days, but it is the only reasonable way to ensure the market stabilises.

Dungeon Objectives
- Fixed a bug that caused drop rate increasing effects to stack additively instead of multiplicatively
-- For Easy mode dungeons, this specifically meant that instead of the targeted up to 60% drop rate of a hard mode dungeon, they would go up to 90% (40% base + 50% buff)

- Removed Memento siege on Tuesday and Thursday according to community feedback 
- Disabled Crown and MVP badge for memento siege

- Removed random stun chance from Eva Storm
- Changed Echoes of the Weary from a stun to a snare 
- Changed Satanology from a snare to a stun

World Balance Buff
- In the coming patches we want to research possibility how to tie these buff(s) to specific specs someone plays, instead of some specific class
- After evaluating the impact of the current buff on balance, we want to make the following preliminary changes and update them further as deemed necessary
-- Reduced the amount of speed granted to all classes from 80% to 40%
-- Removed the max. speed effect from the following classes: Seraph, Force Master, Harlequin
-- Slayers now gain a World Balance buff in Cascada, Neo Cascada and Eldeon 

- Reduced the Eldeon Daily Quest requirement from all the Sunfall Island monsters from 1250 to 400
- Reduced the amount of kills for the Bonus Objectives in Les Britannia S and La Christiana A
- Disabled the use of the mail box in PVP areas
- Disabled Anarchy buffs in Deathrace event
- Increased the chance to get Banishing Stones from Rifts to 100%
- Added additional Information for Eldeon Daily Quests in the Quest Log window
- Corrected some teleporter description showing wrong recommended HP for dungeons
- Added the missing record for Ankou's Asylum (Hard)

- Fixed a bug where the AFK detection would not work properly in Guild Clash
- Fixed a bug where you could get teleported out of Les Britannia S and La Christiana A when entering the wrong teleporter.
- Fixed a bug where Rifts had the wrong system announcement
- Fixed a bug where not enough Rifts would be created for all players
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't use Transy (F) on all Tier Sets 
- Fixed the bug that crashed the main server
- Fixed a bug that where too many raid matches would be opened
- Fixed a bug that would cause FPS issues with tooltips
- Fixed a bug that caused S4 Supporter titles to not unlock the correct title
-- Everyone affected has been sent another item they can use

- Fixed a bug that caused Unusual Rifts to award fewer Banishing Stones than intended

- Fixed a bug that caused Party & Guild rifts not to have a 100% chance to award Banishing Stones

Patch Notes 5.0.2

- Fixed TAB targeting in pvp areas not working correctly
- Fixed the client freezing when using Quick Sell
- Improved loading times when a lot of players are loaded
- Fixed FP missing in skill tooltips
- Fixed a crash when requesting an item bet
- Fixed a bug where AFK vendors and collectors would not be hidden when using 'Hide all players'
- Fixed a crash that could happen while trading
- Fixed a bug where ATK SPD awakes would not be shown on fashion

Patch Notes 5.0.1

- Fixed a bug where Kaiju mounts would have a broken character position
- Fixed a crash with the french client causing it not to start
- Fixed a bug with the Record Book now showing any entries
- Fixed a bug where you could not close player shops with WASD
- Fixed a bug where minimizing chats would not stick them to the task bar

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