What are our plans for the next weeks?
With the season start chaos behind us and the majority of issues of new systems being fixed or improved, we will start shifting our focus to working through and implementing as many suggestions as possible into the game. Afterwards, we will start working on the new features we promised on the roadmap.

Royal Rumble
- Removed Int Stick from Royal Seraph
- Renamed "Royal Seraph" to "Royal Seraph - Crit"
- Added new Seraph Preset "Royal Seraph - Caster"
- Adjusted prices of all power ups purchaseable at [Royal Rumble] Lee

Memento Siege
- Added a Caster set of items to the Memento preset of Seraph
-- Fixed Bloodbane Stick missing its angel's blessing
- Player/Guild rifts will now start automatically once they reach the maximum amount of registered players
- F-Tool now offers possibility to use the Quick Taskbar
- Removed Darkon as a shop area
- Optimized how loading of textures work in V2 model cache
- Added which Endless Tower version you need to clear in the quest log for the Eldeon Sphere Grid Quest line. 
- Added a description to various daily quest items where you can find them.
-- Search for the item in the item wiki and the location will be displayed there.
- After you've visited a shop, the shop search will mark these items as seen
- The most frequent crash after having the client open for a long period of time was running out of memory
-- I've added a force clear of unused resources once that memory is about to run out 
- Adjusted the damage reduction in rifts to be more forgiving
- Reduced the needed amount of Mythical Stones to refill a Glyph by 60%
- Reduced the starting bid of Glyphs and Mythical Stones by 90% 
- Increased the chance to receive an Angel Coin Box from chests in Mysterious Garden, Ragefire Chasm and Stratholme by 50% (unintended nerf)
- Increased the amount of Pet EXP monsters on Sunfall Island give by 25%

- Fixed a bug where worldbosses would not be removed correctly from the map
- Fixed a bug where Pokemon caught in Rifts/Worldbosses would not show the used Pokeball
- Fixed a bug where Pokemon rifts would "bug out" by not couting kills anymore
- Fixed a bug where you would be able to couple-teleport to dead characters
- Fixed a bug where "Enable moving drop render" option would not work 
- Fixed a lot of small text errors from items, teleporter etc.
- Fixed a spot in Ragefire Chasm where you could get stuck
- Fixed a bug that caused Sunfall monsters to not be affected by eldeon effects (increased exp, penya, atk, def)
- Locked items can not be used with Angel Awakening
- Fixed a bug that caused your animation to not load on a mount after re-logging
- Fixed a bug where the damage reduction in rifts was not correctly calculated
- Fixed a bug where rift portals would not refund the requirement items when not enough players signed up
- Fixed a bug where some quests from the Eldeon quest line would not count on party kills