Client now available for download - Launch 6PM GMT+1

Hey CW FlyFFers,

You're now able to download the new client directly from here.

Alternatively, you can also patch directly from the old client. 


My screen is back when I patch and select 'Play Game', why is that?

We will not provide the executable file until launch, so this error is normal. 


For any questions or help, please join us on Discord at:

Clockworks Discord


Seasons Launch on Friday 6pm GMT+1

Hi folks,

the new update and seasonal server will be applied and started on Friday 6pm GMT+1 (


To guarantee a successful launch, I need to take the main server offline on Wednesday evening already.

There are so many changes, that we need the time to test everything properly when the update has been applied. The website will be unaccessible from time to time, too. 


We’re sorry for the inconvenience and look forward to see you on Friday!

Seasonal Siege Giveaway! January 27 2020

We all know how important Siege is, so let's kick it off with a giveaway! 

We'll be awarding the Siege MVP of January 27 with a very rare, never before seen Phantom Cloak! 


What time is the Siege?

The Siege will be hosted as usual, on Monday 27/01/2020 at 8PM GMT+1.

If you live in a different timezone, feel free to click here to figure out what time Siege commences


The first Siege is actually on Saturday, 25/01/2020, why is the giveaway not on that date?

January 25th's siege is a day after Seasons launch. We feel this won't be enough time to allow for players to prepare their gear to adequately participate in a competitive Siege.


Is the cloak soul-bound/untradeable?

No, the cloak is not soul-bound and can be traded and sold.


Does the cloak give special stats?

No, the cloak is purely cosmetic and can be transmuted if desired.


Is this giveaway only available on the Seasonal cluster?

Yes, this event will only be hosted on the Seasonal cluster.


Loyalty Packs - Thanks for your support.

Loyalty Packs are our thank you to those who stuck around! These packs are awarded to players with an Angel Rank of 30+ who logged in within the last 3 months (until now) , and will be available on Seasonal characters. This Pack features:

Legend Set (M/F)

[Loyal] Title

Loyal Owl Mount

Conditions: Limited to 1 per account. All items are tradeable. Offer valid only to those who have logged in before the creation date of this post.



Twitch Rewards are here!

From now until the end of time, streaming our server will get you some awesome goodies! These include Twitch exclusive badges and fashion!

How do I get these rewards?

Stream our server for a minimum of 4 hours and with a title including our servers website []. Make sure your characters name is visible, as we will be sending you it directly to that account!

Do these items provide bonuses?

No, these items are purely for cosmetic display only.

What if I stream on multiple characters?

Contact us through Discord and we will be happy to send your Twitch pack to any character of your liking. However, you have to conclusively prove that you own the character and actively use it in your streams.

When do I get my reward?

Message us with a link to your channel and we will send you the rewards! They will appear in either your inventory (if you are online) or mail box, so keep an eye out!

Are these rewards soul-linked?

Yes, these rewards are soul-linked, along with the box itself. The contents and box are not tradeable.

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