Big patch :cwpog:

Probably the last big one before S4 launch. 


Orb Rework - Glyphs
- Glyphs are the reworked version of Angelic Orbs. While Angelic Orbs allowed for more character customization and power, glyphs add onto that powerphantasy with increased variety of effects, upgrading and increased rarity!
- Full guide

Server Rifts
- Rifts have started appearing all over madrigal. Monsters that carry otherworldly materials and riches can be found there for the adventurers that have the valor to challenge those beings up to 3 times per day. Rifts come in three difficulty modes, namely normal, strange and unusual. Higher difficulties give mode drops and have a chance to give better materials.
- Full guide

Bead Shop
- You can access the new Bead Shop through your pet's status window
- All common beads can be purchased with two clicks everywhere
- You can filter the beads by name or stat

- Additionally, you can create your own presets of up to 9 different beads
- The beads will either be placed directly in your pet or in your inventory

Automatic Powerups V2
- Reworked the old Automatic Powerups feature
- You can now save multiple presets and start them independently
- All your characters share your saved presets
- Every preset has a shortcut you can drag&drop to your taskbar

Low level dungeons
- Added 3 new low level dungeons, they are accessible through the teleporter
-- Mars Mine (Level: 70-120)
--- In this dungeon you can easily farm Historic weapons and Lv. 75 sets
-- Temple of Ivillines (Level: 85-120)
--- In this dungeon you can easily farm Angel weapons and Lv. 90 sets.
-- Dekane Mine (Level: 100-120)
--- In this dungeon you can easily farm Legendary Golden weapons and Lv. 105 sets.

- Added a new Scroll of Premium (28d) pet bundle
- Premium users can now send up to 8 items in a single mail
- Added an item tooltip when hovering items in your postbox 
- Lowered the required amount of the achievement Icecream Cake Addict from 200k to 20k
- Added Mistletoe Sets to Fashion Transy
- Removed the 500 Penya cost for sending mails 
- Increased the drop rate of Colosseum pets and Nightmare Cascada pets
- Increased the damage you can deal towards a World boss 
- Removed basic jewelry (Gore-, Mental-, Peision Necklace, Demol-, Plug Earring, Vigor-, Stam-, Arek and Intelli Ring) from the drop table.
-- You can now buy them at [Jewel & Dice Manager] Peach for 1 million Penya
-- You can now remove those items from your blacklist 🙂 

- Added your current and the server time below your mini map
-- You can disable it when clicking on the small filter arrow

- Added more functionality to the "Escape" motion
-- Additionally to its current ability to teleport you to the nearest town, the motion can be used in instances to teleport to the revival point in that instance. 
-- The intended use for this, is to use this in emergency cases in a dungeon or in raid, if you manage to get stuck on terrain.

- Transmutation update: You can now add pets to your transmutation list. This will save the skin on your character and you can use it multiple times on your pets. When activating a pet skin, the pet will be removed. When skinning a pet with a skin, it will get soul-linked.
- Reworked the transmutation window
-- Added tabs for weapons, armor and pets
-- Added a search bar that allows you to filter certain skins

- Added 109 new achievements
-- 8 Adventure achievements
-- 16 Raid achievements
-- 36 Rift achievements
-- 20 Clash achievements
-- 10 Dungeon achievements
-- 19 Pet Hunter achievements

- Fixed farm counter not tracking items correctly when you are in a party
- Fixed a bug with the achievement Dragon Hunt, which didn't include the easy difficulty of the dungeon 
- Fixed some features not working correctly if windows scaling was set to over 100%
- Fixed weekly challenges to be messed up under certain circumstances
- Fixed the texture of the tree roots in the Valley of the Risen 
- Fixed a bug where some pets could not be send via mails
- Fixed a bug where pang's offer would disappear if you are in another time zone than the server
- Fixed a bug that prevented players from reviving in the Red Meteonyker/Wilds dungeon 

Server stability
We upgraded all of our servers to 64 bit to ensure stable servers once Season 4 launches. In our testing phase we did not encounter any problems anymore, but that does not mean there aren't any. We will closely monitor the servers and there might be issues, so beware.