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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

| Q.What is Seasons?

| A.Seasons is a new innovative addition to Clockworks FlyFF. CW Seasons provide an opportunity to start fresh and relive the exciting initial progression you know and love so much. Seasons brings forth a series of new content and challenges for you to undertake, explore and overcome, advancing your character as you progress. None of your efforts are wasted, as with the end of every Season, characters, levels, items, penya and more are rolled over to the original Clockworks Server, where they can be enjoyed at any time!

A unique incentive to Seasons is the enjoyment of community progression, active competition and achievements, as players have an opportunity to collect exclusive rewards for themselves and their friends.

With every Season comes new lands to explore, items to collect, people to meet and compete with, bosses to destroy, and most importantly -- exciting and professionally crafted content.

| Q.Why should I play Seasons?

| A.The concept of Seasons solves many issues with the foundations of FlyFF gameplay, especially within the Private Server scene. As the months go by and 'end-game' content is reached, players get bored and restless - and so do we. While this is an opportunity to expand the game and further the end-game content, it also creates a distance between beginner and veteran content. Struggling beginners may find it too difficult to catch up, and we know no one enjoys that.

As each Season brings a fresh start, players can advance together -- ensuring an even playing field and less distance between beginner and end-game content.

Seasons give players a continuous feeling of community progression and competition. With incredible, exclusive rewards and more, you'll be striving to be the best!

| Q.How long does a Season last for?

| A.A season lasts when the team and community mutually agree a majority of players have progressed as far as possible, exploring all the new content the update has to offer. This also coincides with the developer's timeline with producing new material for the next season.

| Q.Is Seasons and Clockworks on the same client?

| A.Yes. You do not have to download a new client to play Seasons. Simply select either Clockworks or Seasons on server select.

| Q.What are the features of Seasons?

| A.All features can be found on features.cwflyff.com. Note that this is a continuously growing list, we've added so much we may forget a few!

| Q.Where do my characters and progress go when a Season ends?

| A.At the end of a Season, your characters and their progress are moved over to the Clockworks server. No part or development your character has made will be deleted.

| Q.A Season has just finished. How long until the next Season starts?

| A. After a Season comes to an end characters are typically migrated to the Clockworks server on the same day. A Season downtime of up to 1 month is needed to ensure the next update is working smoothly. In this time, expect small updates to the Clockworks server along with events.

| Q.My character's name is the same on Clockworks and Seasons. What happens then?

| A. The system will always favour the oldest characters name. If you already have a character called Chapstick on Clockworks, and make one during seasons with the same name - once the season ends and progression's transferred, the newer characters name will be issued a forced auto-prompted Name Change Scroll on its first login.

| Q.Can I still play my Clockwork characters when a Season is active?

| A.Yes. The Clockworks server will continue to run 24/7.

| Q.Can I transfer my Clockwork characters to a Season?

| A.Unfortunately, as the idea of Seasons is to focus on even gameplay, you cannot transfer your Clockwork characters to a Seasonal server.

| Q.Why is CWP now called CWT? Is this only on Seasons?

| A.Clockwork Points are now called Clockwork Tokens as you can now use them directly in-game. CWT can be used to buy, sell or trade items with NPCs and other players.

| Q.I already have three character slots on the Clockworks server/Why do I have 6+ character slots on the Clockworks server after a Season?

| A.Every new Season will add an additional three character slots to your Clockworks character select. This is to accommodate each Seasonal merge to Clockworks, and allows you to access your after-Season characters at any time on the Clockworks server.

| Q. Do I get my CWT back after the end of each season?

| A. As we are not wiping any progress from your Seasonal characters, instead moving them to the Clockworks server after a Season is over - you do not receive a refund of spent CWT after the end of a Season.

| Q. What is the point of the Clockworks server? Was all my progress there for nothing?

| A. The Clockworks server serves as a way for you to play and enjoy all your seasonal and original characters together. Your progress there was not for nothing as we intend to still update Clockworks and also focus on it during Season down-time.

| Q. Will the Clockworks server still have events?

| A. Yes, there will still be events on the Clockworks server. These may also run at the same time of the Season server.