How does seasons work?

Check out FAQ for all the info you need.


Are there any guides?

You can find most information here: Guides

What features are there?

A lot. Check out in Start -> Features. There are lot more QoL changes you will experience while playing the game itself.

A few QoL worth mentioning are:

  • The Teleporter, which can be opened using V, you can use that to teleport to almost everywhere in the game, except for some Ticket areas.
  • The Item List, which you can also open writing “/wiki” in chat, here you can see all items and their effects.
  • The Partyfinder, which you can also open with Shift + P, here you can join parties to enjoy the party buffs
  • The Guildfinder, which can me opened with Shift + G, here you can join a Guild, which also gives some nice buffs.
  • Buffs. They last a little more than one hour by default. When clicking the buff pang, you receive all buffs available to your class at once. For classes that can buff others, you can also give everyone that’s in a party with you and standing next to you all buffs by clicking the buff pang once. So no need to manually buff your characters. :)

Are there any gifts for new players?

Yes, open up Start -> Features -> Achievements, there you will find a lot of free items.

Have there been any server wipes?

No, and there won't be a wipe. 

Where is the server hosted?

The Seasons server is hosted in Germany, the Clockworks server is hosted in France. 

Is Ftool allowed?

Yes. See the Programs-tab in Discord.

Why doesn't Ftool work?

Make sure your firewall/anti-virus isn't blocking it and that you are running it as an administrator. CWFlyFF does not offer support for third-party software. 

Can I change key-binding/hotkeys around?

Yes, you can! See Start -> Option -> Hotkeys.

What's the maximum level?

The maximum level is 150, but after you fill your experience bar at level 150, you are granted an Angel follower of your choice (STR, INT, DEX, STA). You can level this angel with Angel Ranks.

What's Angel Rank (AR)?

After choosing your Angel, you can level it up to 100 for a total bonus of 150 in the stat you chose. 

Do Amps affect AR?

Yes, all experience bonuses effect Angel Rank. 

Do I need to do quests for my class changes?

No. You're automatically prompted to class change when you reach the required level.

Are there any quests available in-game that I can do?

Yes! There are Daily Quests you can do and get rewarded for starting at level 60, as well as Daily Challenges (Shift + C, or see Start -> Features -> Challenges). You can find the Daily Quests in Flaris at [Daily Quest] Maki.

On top of that, once you get to level 150 you can also do Daily Quests in Eldeon at [Quest Master] Roxer.

How do I level up faster?

Voting can get you Amplification Scrolls. One vote = 100 VP = 5x Scroll of Amplification ES (S) (x1.5 EXP rate). You can vote once per day but are allowed to vote on multiple devices/connections. Take advantage of vote streaks and vote every day for up to +50% EXP (and a 5% droprate bonus) after 7 daily votes. Use a full party with the EXP party skill for the maximum EXP value. 

How fast does Couple level?

It takes 10 full days (14400 minutes) to reach the maximum level of 31.

How do I get my deleted items back?

Trade any NPC Vendor and click the Buy Back button to buy back deleted items (Only works if you haven’t logged out yet). Your deleted items will not be restored by staff.

How do I teleport around so fast?

Use the teleporter (Hotkey V) to move around Madrigal quickly.

Pengo po perins, sir?

No. We all have been newbs and started out with nothing and got to this point, so you can do it too ;)


About Classes

Are classes balanced?

Yes, more or less in terms of DPS and farming capabilities. 

What classes are best for farming?

Early on AoE classes are generally preferred over 1on1 classes for farming, but ultimately they can all farm well enough.

What weapon combination is best for a Slayer?

Dual-axes will grant you the highest damage output, because of the ATK to DMG ratio of them. However, you will need 100% Critical Chance for max DMG, so if you can’t reach 100% Critical Chance it with 2 Axes, use a sword to reach it.

When does DCT cap?

DCT caps at 100% for all skills.

When does ICD cap?

ICD does not cap for any class.

How does accuracy/hit% work?

It’s always 100%, no matter what you do. This means you’ll never MISS an attack, unless the mobs run away and can’t be damaged. Your attacks can, however, be blocked just like normal.

How do I distribute points for a Ringmaster?

For Dungeon running as support just add INT because all you'll be doing is healing your Tank early on, later on you can switch to STA so you can take a hit as well. When going 1o1 you stat STR (obviously). When going for an AoE build, you stat mostly INT, to increase DMG output, but you might want some STA early on to stay alive.

What requirements do I need to meet to be considered a support?

You need to be a Ringmaster (or Seraph) and fulfill 3 of these 4 conditions:

  • Have more INT than STA
  • Have more than 30% Heal Rate
  • Have more INT + Heal Rate * 3.5 than STA
  • Have used a healing or reviving skill or Holy Cross in the last 10 seconds

How does Heal Rate % work?

The person using heals will heal for X% more, where X is the amount of Heal Rate that person has. SO it is only useful to have on the support.

How do I distribute points for a Blade/Jester?

Full STR. 

How does Critical Chance (CC) effect Crackshooters/Rangers?

Every 10 DEX = 2 Critical Chance. Critical Chance above 100% is converted to Increased Critical Damage (ICD). Note that the Critical Chance to ICD conversion for Crackshooters is capped at 100% in PvP. (so, anything above 200% Critical Chance does no longer grant extra ICD in PvP.)


About Areas

Where do I go after level 120?

The best areas are Traseia and Dark Traseia. You can buy tickets from the NPC vendor Gisela (Consumables). Players below level 120 should stay in Azria or the Forsaken Tower. 

Where do I level when I’m level 150?

You have two options at level 150:

  • For farming mainly perins: Cascada. This is your new home once you are level 150. Here you can level, farm, sleep, eat, basically everything you want to do.
  • For leveling and farming Angel Coins: Eldeon. This is the best place to farm EXP and also nets you more Angel Coins than Cascada.

What's the best farming area?

If you have low DMG, or aren’t level 150 yet, the best places to farm are Mammoths in Azria, Asuras in Tower B5, or Blackweb Shades in Traseia. Once you are level 150 and have some decent damage you can go for Neo Cascada. If you one hit the mobs in Neo Cascada or are playing AoE, you can go for Cascada. For in-depth info see:

Where do I get Bloody weapons and armor?

Red Meteonyker drops these items in the Volcano Dungeon, which is accessible from the Teleporter feature (V key). 

Where are the player shops?

Saint Morning, Darkon City, Eldeon City


About Dungeons

What do I need for dungeons?

You require at least a Tank and a damage dealer. For Tank a Templar is recommended, since that class scales easiest with HP. A support Seraph and more than one damage dealer are also recommended, Seraph being there for de-buffing the stuns and resurrecting any fallen comrades. Every class has the potential for adequate DPS.

For the required HP, you can see the recommended HP in the Teleporter at the info box of the dungeon.

Why does the boss always hit my damage dealer?

The boss’s aggro-systems are made in such a way that the prioritize the person with the highest health. However, this is not a 100% guarantee, there is still some chance left in the attacks of a boss, therefore the boss might target characters other than the tank every now and then, albeit with a small chance.

How much HP do I need for solo dungeons?

~50k HP and a way to sustain yourself during the fights.

Why would I run the solo dungeons?

The solo dungeons drop necessary ingredients for upgrading your equipment beyond the normal levels. Furthermore, the mobs in the dungeon all drop Angel Coins, so it’s a good way to farm some Angel Coins. Also, because there are 3 chests which could drop an Angel Coin Box which gives 50-150 Angel Coins.

The solo dungeons are:

  • Mysterious Garden, here you can get Angel Stones.
  • Ragefire Chasm, here you can get Angel Crosshatchers.
  • Stratholme, here you can get Angel Enhancers.

What do I need for Red Meteonyker?

Try to get at least 25k HP if you're wearing a level 120 armor set or lower and also some way to heal back up quickly.


About Upgrading

All you need to know about upgrading can be found here:


About Collecting

What level do I need to be to do Collecting?

You need to be level 15 to start collecting.

How do I collect faster?

Upgrade your collector to +5. Do this with moonstones: double-click the moonstones, hold shift and click on the collector to make it instantly +5.

Do I have to be online to use the AFK-collector?

No, you can go offline after you placed the AFK-collector.

Do I need to use batteries to use the AFK-collector? 

No, you don’t have to use batteries to make the AFK-collector work. You can however use batteries to collect with your own character too, for double the collecting fun!

How many collectors can I use at the same time?

You can set up to 3 characters in the Collector Fields per channel. And each character can use one AFK-collector per channel too.

Where can I find the Sorcerers Exchange? 

Start -> Features -> Sorcerers Exchange. Or go to the Collector NPC


About Pets

Where do I get pet feed?

You do not need pet feed. Your pet can’t die, and it gains experience when you get EXP instead.

Where do I get Blessing of the Pet Tamer?

You can get them by Collecting or by opening Clockworks Boxes (small chance). 

How much stats does a perfect pet give?

A perfect pet has the levels 1/3/5/7/9. It gives you different values depending on the pet: 

75 stats for Lion, Tiger, Rabbit, and Fox. 25% EXP for Griffin. 7125 HP for Unicorn. 750 ATK for Dragon.

A perfect Angelic pet has levels 2/4/6/8/10. It gives you different values depending on the pet: 

125 stats for Lion, Tiger, Rabbit, and Fox. 30% EXP for Griffin. 11875 HP for Unicorn. 1250 ATK for dragon

How do I get an Angelic Pet?

You can get an Angelic Pet by making a perfect pet and then using a Pet Conversion of the Angels (Bought at [Angel Shop] Gabriella).

How do I reset my Angelic Pet’s level?

Use Blessing of the Angel Tamer (Bought at [Angel Shop] Gabriella) using 10x Blessing of the Pet Tamer, 1 Angel Dust, and 1 Angel Stone.

Where do I get Angel Mist/Dust?

Angel Dust is made from Angel Mist, which you get through the collector fields. 


About Sets

How do I create the level 150 sets?

To create a level 150 set you will need the following:

  • Each set part of the level 125 set.
  • Each set part of the level 130 set.
  • 4 fragments of the set you want to make.

E.g. if you want to make a Blessed Lippin Set (level 150 set for Arcanist) you will need the complete Lippin set (level 125), the complete Mystical Lippin set (level 130), and 4 Blessed Arcanist Fragments.

You can exchange the items at [Exchange] Reonan.

Will I keep the upgrades and awakes when I make the level 150 set?

You will receive clean set parts when exchanging the parts. So no, you will not keep the awakes and upgrades.

Which level 150 set is for DMG and what is for HP?

This is different for each class; you can check all the set effects in the “/wiki” in-game.


About Weapons

How do I create an Angelic weapon?

You will need a +10 Ultimate Weapon, an Angelic Upgrade Protect (Weapon), an Enhanced Angel Stone, and a Weapon Blessing of the Angels. These items require 5500 Angel Coins, 50 Angel Dust (500 Angel Mist), 1 Angel Stone, and 80 sunstones and moonstones in total.

How do I re-roll my weapon?

You can re-roll your weapon at [Weapon Re-roll] Dark in every major city. You will need an X amount of jewels, Y amount of Re-roll Dust, and Z amount of Penya. The X, Y, and Z are based on the weapon you try to re-roll, the higher level required, the more resources are needed to re-roll. The jewel is based on the weapon, it’s the same jewel you need to make the weapon ultimate. 

There are 2 types of Re-roll dust: Weapon Re-roll Dust, used on and gained from green weapons from Giants and Meteonyker, and Advanced Re-roll Dust, used on and gained from green weapons you get from bosses in dungeons.

How do I create Re-roll Dust?

You go to [Weapon Re-roll] Dark and click on the Salvage Dust-Button, there you insert the weapon and create Dust.

Where do I get Jewels?

You have a chance to receive jewels when killing bosses. The most reliable way of getting jewels, however, is to sacrifice a weapon that matches the tier of jewel you need at the Jewels NPC.

Jewel rates when destroying weapons: 


Weapons Blue Chance Amount Weapons Green Chance Amount
+0 5% 1 +0 10% 1
+1 10% 1 +1 20% 1
+2 15% 1 +2 30% 1
+3 20% 1 +3 40% 1
+4 50% 1 +4 100% 1
+5 100% 1 +5 100% 2
+6 100% 2 +6 100% 4
+7 100% 3 +7 100% 6
+8 100% 5 +8 100% 10
+9 100% 10 +9 100% 20
+10 100% 20 +10 100% 40


Element Upgrades

Element upgrades on 1on1 Weapons: Weapons gives 0.75% more DMG vs its weak element per upgrade level (Example: water +20 increases your DMG by 15% when attacking fire element.) 

Element upgrades for spells: When using spells that have an element, weapons give 10% more DMG vs its weak element as soon as you put +1 element on it, skills get 30% more DMG with +1 element on it of the same element (e.g. when using a fire spell when you have fire on your Staff). This does not increase with upgrading the element level.

(This does not hold for Psykeeper/Mentalist's bombs, they do not receive any DMG increase from element on Wand because they have no innate element) 

Element upgrades on Suits: Suits gives 0.75% DMG reduction against its weak element (water +20 reduces incoming enemy DMG by 15% when the enemy has fire element)



About Awakening

Where do I get Scroll of Awaken/Reversion?

You can awaken equipment at the [Fast Awake] Lisa NPC, next to the other upgrade NPCs (or by typing “/awake” in chat). You do not need Scroll of Awaken. All you need to awake multiple times is Scroll of Reversion and 100k penya for each roll. Most monsters drop Reversion scrolls, you can also get them from Clockworks Boxes. 

How does awakening work, and what can I get as awake?

See the guide on the site: Awake Guide


Thanks to Jugachi and str4wz.