Guild Siege
- Since we can all now agree on that reducing Memento Siege did not bring new players in Siege, we are re-enabling it on the previous days again 

In an effort to make Siege more attractive to a wider array of players, we have made the following changes:
1. Reduce amount of Siege Medals gained by players from 700 base + 100 per kill (up to 800) to 500 base + 100 per kill (up to 500 total for kills)
2. Reduce amount of Siege Medals gained by guilds from up to (1500, 1250, 1000, 750, 500) to up to (1000, 800, 600, 400, 200) based on ranking
3. Give every participant 1x [Chance] Box of Fashion (1.5k Siege Medal value)
4. Give every participant who has killed at least 5 players 1x [Chance] Box of Bones (1.5k Siege Medal value)
5. Introduce a "Guild War Participant" and "Guild War Winner" buffs. Give participants 4x Itemized Buffs each
-- Guild War Participant - Itemized Buff - 2% EXP Rate, 2% Drop Rate, 2% Penya Rate
-- Guild War Winner - Itemized Buff - 3% EXP Rate, 3% Drop Rate, 3% Penya Rate
-- Buffs cannot be combined, only one buff can be active at a time
Players now receive fewer Siege Medals, but receive the compensatory Chance Boxes that most Siege Medal purchases were used for anyway.
The reduction of Medals gained is to offset the cost of the new participation and kill boxes.

- Doubled the range in which attacks can connect in PVP
- Fixed a bug where hits, especially in PVP, would not connect if the target jumped

Memento Siege
1. Change amount of Siege Medals gained to 500 + 100 per kill (up to 500)
2. Do not give an Itemized buff or Chance Boxes

Craft of Hephaestus
- Reduced the damage Hephaestus takes by 50%
- Reduced the HP Hephaestus has by 50%
- Fixed a bug that caused Hephaestus Enrage to not make him gain the proper amount of HP due to limitations
- Increased the max. amount of HP gained in enrage from 50% to 100%
- Increased the max. amount of ATK gained in enrage from 200% to 300% 

- Reduced the duration of the Cimetiere's Scream debuff from 11 seconds to 5 seconds
- Changed Echoes of the Weary from a snare to a stun

Eldeon - Sunfall Island
- Changed the HP, EXP, Penya and Drop values of 10 monsters in Sunfall Island
-- One of the oversights we made when introducing this island was that it was only balanced for 1v1 farming at the very end game
-- To adress this, we have added 10 different HP tiers/break points to monsters, the lowest starting at 210k HP, with the highest going up to 3.2m
-- That way players can choose the most efficient monsters for them to kill that allow them to reach 1/2/3/x hit breakpoints
- Made all monsters on Sunfall Island completely aoe Immune 

Resurrection Fatigue
- Each time a player dies in a dungeon, that player receives a debuff that lasts 90 seconds
- This debuff, similar to dungeon objectives, is stackable
- Once the debuff reaches its highest tier, level 3, that player cannot be resurrected for 90 seconds by using the Assist Resurrection spell
- While the debuff is applied to a player, that player cannot be teleported by players using any means (couple teleport, Friendship)
-- This change is specifically made to combat the overpowered/degenerate strategy of simply death tanking any boss through sheer amount of bodies instead of fulfilling the minimum gear requirements 

- Royal Rumble winner shout will only be shown to participants now
- Server Calendar will now save the local time conversion check upon re-opening
- Chat history will now be recorded in Guild Siege when you re-open the chat 

- Fixed a bug where Item Transy (B) would not work properly on Lv. 130 sets
- Fixed a bug where your target would not be reset after killing a player in Royal Rumble
- Fixed a bug where the Discord button in the guild window would not work for guild members
- Fixed a bug where the monsters in Endless Tower Stage 16 wouldn't deal any dmg
- Fixed a bug where Hunter Games would start at the wrong days
- Fixed a bug where you could not rejoin Endless Tower or Colosseum
-- Reminder: You can only rejoin if you crashed, while not being dead, and between stages
- Fixed a bug where Sphere Grid would be unlocked in Colosseum 

- Adjusted the Brar penya drop rate to reflect the gear requirement to kill them efficiently more adequately
- Fixed an issue that made it impossible to join a dungeon in certain circumstances