First of all, we want to thank you all for this really successful launch! Thanks for playing our game and thanks for having fun. It really means much to us so see so many people enjoy themselves. 
Although we did not have any crashes or stability issues, there are some things that need to be addressed. 

With the introduction of Map Buffs, we wanted to balance out farming speeds. While it has helped some classes, it didn't do as much for 1v1 classes as we hoped for. This is why we will tweak the buffs according to your feedback, keep it coming!

Siege is another topic that needs to be addressed. We knew with the release of Memento Siege, it will kill off the normal Siege because Memento is more accessible and you do not have to invest in any gear. It's a good thing to get as many players in Siege as possible. That also means that there's not enough incentive to play the normal Sieges anymore. We've reduced the amount of Memento Sieges to 1 per week - even though we think it will not help the normal Siege to be more populated, rather kill it off even more. Let us know about how this change plays out.
Droprates - Every season there's this huge gap between players, who run all dungeons daily and progress fast vs. players who barely can run any dungeons. Rewarding these 'casual' players enough without letting the market be flooded with items from 'hardcore' players is a hard task. We will re-iterate drop rates once more and adjust accordingly. 

Additionally, there was a bug in the code with the calculation of drop rates in easy mode dungeons. They were way higher than intended. 
We've fixed this bug and the drop rates are back to the intended state. We know it might seem unfair for everyone who was not able to run these dungeons in the first days, but it is the only reasonable way to ensure the market stabilises.

Dungeon Objectives
- Fixed a bug that caused drop rate increasing effects to stack additively instead of multiplicatively
-- For Easy mode dungeons, this specifically meant that instead of the targeted up to 60% drop rate of a hard mode dungeon, they would go up to 90% (40% base + 50% buff)

- Removed Memento siege on Tuesday and Thursday according to community feedback 
- Disabled Crown and MVP badge for memento siege

- Removed random stun chance from Eva Storm
- Changed Echoes of the Weary from a stun to a snare 
- Changed Satanology from a snare to a stun

World Balance Buff
- In the coming patches we want to research possibility how to tie these buff(s) to specific specs someone plays, instead of some specific class
- After evaluating the impact of the current buff on balance, we want to make the following preliminary changes and update them further as deemed necessary
-- Reduced the amount of speed granted to all classes from 80% to 40%
-- Removed the max. speed effect from the following classes: Seraph, Force Master, Harlequin
-- Slayers now gain a World Balance buff in Cascada, Neo Cascada and Eldeon 

- Reduced the Eldeon Daily Quest requirement from all the Sunfall Island monsters from 1250 to 400
- Reduced the amount of kills for the Bonus Objectives in Les Britannia S and La Christiana A
- Disabled the use of the mail box in PVP areas
- Disabled Anarchy buffs in Deathrace event
- Increased the chance to get Banishing Stones from Rifts to 100%
- Added additional Information for Eldeon Daily Quests in the Quest Log window
- Corrected some teleporter description showing wrong recommended HP for dungeons
- Added the missing record for Ankou's Asylum (Hard)

- Fixed a bug where the AFK detection would not work properly in Guild Clash
- Fixed a bug where you could get teleported out of Les Britannia S and La Christiana A when entering the wrong teleporter.
- Fixed a bug where Rifts had the wrong system announcement
- Fixed a bug where not enough Rifts would be created for all players
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't use Transy (F) on all Tier Sets 
- Fixed the bug that crashed the main server
- Fixed a bug that where too many raid matches would be opened
- Fixed a bug that would cause FPS issues with tooltips
- Fixed a bug that caused S4 Supporter titles to not unlock the correct title
-- Everyone affected has been sent another item they can use

- Fixed a bug that caused Unusual Rifts to award fewer Banishing Stones than intended

- Fixed a bug that caused Party & Guild rifts not to have a 100% chance to award Banishing Stones