Server Launch: January 24 2020

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Hey CW Flyffers! Thank you for supporting us through our development journey. We can finally announce a release date for our update! It's something we've worked very hard on, and includes many new features and updates to systems and mechanics.

The core feature of this update is Seasons! We feel this is a necessary direction to take FlyFF to ensure sustainable and balanced gameplay. It's new, it's scary, but it'll be an adventure! Seasons provide an opportunity to start fresh and relive the exciting initial progression you crave! With each Season brings a new series of content and challenges for you to undertake, explore and overcome. 

After a Season, progress will be moved to Clockworks where you can continue to enjoy your journey. They'll also be available in the same client, so you're free to jump from server to server. The Clockworks Server will still be supported, include all updates and continue to be online 24/7, so participating in Seasons is not a requirement to continue playing the game you know and love.

What are the features?

We've compiled a list of our new or updated features here! We're still in the progress of making guides, but we'll let you all know when we add a new one!

View our features here!

How does Seasons work?

We've answered a few questions for you, available from our FAQ. However, if you have any questions you can let us know on Discord! Our friendly team of GMs are also available to help out.

View our FAQ

Loyalty Packs

We'd like to award every Loyal player who stuck around with a Loyalty Pack, these can be redeemed on the Seasonal or Clockworks server, whatever your choice is! You can read up on that here:

Loyalty Packs